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• Children's books and dolls

• Childhood ages 3-9

• Making friends

• Outdoor play and pretend

• Muddy Buddy Pals Club

• By HeBo

Dirty Dingy Daryl books written and illustrated by David and Patricia Hendy Bowling "HeBo".

Published by inka dinka ink children's press.

Daryl loves to play in the dirt, build mud castles, play mud football and make new friends. His Muddy Buddy Pals call him Dirty Dingy Daryl. Join Daryl and his friends from Hendyville for lots of funny and wholesome adventures. Your kids will love our books and dolls about friendship, family and playing in the mud.

Dirty Dingy Daryl and the Muddy Buddy Pals


Dirty Dingy Daryl runs against tough guy, Butchie Mullins, for president of the all boys' club. Daryl wins and chooses a girl vice-president who is also an arm wrestling champ. Butchie soon learns that there is a better way of making and winning friends than acting like a bully.

Limited Edition


by HeBo

Dirty Dingy Daryl has never really been worried about how dirty he looks until some new kids move in across the street. Daryl with the help of the twins, Patty and DJ, learn some things about making new friends, name-calling, being clean and dirty, and just plain growing up.

Limited Edition


by HeBo

Daryl, Mudzy and the Muddy Buddy Pals are featured a Coloring and Activity Book. Filled with drawings that children will love to color. Your child can get their new friends as dirty as they want.

24 fun pages to color.

18” Dirty Dingy Daryl doll. FREE SHIPPING $108.00

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Clean Up Your Act! Dirty Dinjy Daryl book. Softcover, illustrated. FREE SHIPPING $5.00

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Dirty Dingy Daryl and Muddy Puddy Pals Coloring/Activity book. FREE SHIPPING $6.00

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