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"I Am Jesus the Christ" is a beautifully illustrated 40 page children's book.

Easy to read and fun to hear, children learn the gospels in rhyming verse as told by Jesus himself.

Baby Jesus doll

Jesus Dolls, Angels and Saint Dolls

Beautifully designed faith dolls are lovingly handmade for you. Our plush handcrafted Jesus, Angel and Saint dolls feature embroidered faces, soft sculpture details and changeable clothing for washing. We offer a children's Jesus bible too! Jesus and Angel dolls are Halo Toys family favorites.

• Dolls made as pictured, may

   vary slightly from photos

• Each doll uniquely numbered

• Customization by request

  (skin, eye, hair, gown color)

• Made with love and prayer

18” Jesus doll, lamb, staff and "I Am Jesus the Christ" book. FREE SHIPPING. $115.00

18” Jesus doll, amber skin. FREE SHIPPING $84.00

18” Mary Doll, olive skin, veil. FREE SHIPPING $84.00

14” Jesus doll, olive skin. FREE SHIPPING $64.00

18” Jesus doll, olive skin, soft staff. FREE SHIPPING $88.00

18” Baby Jesus doll, amber skin, halo, blanket. FREE SHIPPING $90.00

12” Baby Jesus doll, olive skin, shirt, blanket. $60.00

9” Baby Jesus doll, olive skin, blanket. FREE SHIPPING $42.00

18” St. Joseph doll, olive skin, coat, staff. FREE SHIPPING $84.00

Jesus Lamb, 8” plush. FREE SHIPPING $28.00

10” Angel Lion, olive skin, halo, flower. FREE SHIPPING $50.00

10” Angel Cloud, amber skin, halo. FREE SHIPPING $45.00

10” Angel Berry, cream skin, halo. FREE SHIPPING $45.00

10” St. Michael Angel, cream skin, halo, armor. FREE SHIPPING $65.00

“I Am Jesus the Christ” softcover book, illustrated, 40 pages. FREE SHIPPING $8.00

18” Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus dolls, olive skin. FREE SHIPPING $110.00

10” Angel Courtney, cream skin, halo. FREE SHIPPING $45.00

18” Jesus doll, amber skin, soft cross, book. FREE SHIPPING $96.00

9” Baby Jesus doll, olive skin, lamb, blanket. FREE SHIPPING $62.00